My Daily Plan and Review Template

In just a few minutes, this tool helps my productivity and self-improvement every day. Customize it for yourself and try it out.

Why I created the template

A couple years ago I started on a self improvement kick. Trying to improve things like my habits and productivity. Reading a great book would give me a burst of motivation that would last perhaps a whole three days! Fast forward a few weeks and I could barely tell you what the book was about. I needed a way to begin, and continue, using the ideas I was reading about.

Enter daily planning. And daily reviews. Maybe journaling? I’m not sure what it is. I call it my Daily Plan and Review.

Screenshot of a Morning page in the Daily Plan and Review template with reminders of tasks to do, lessons I've learned, and questions about how I'll prepare for the day

What’s inside

My Daily Plan contains important reminders.
Who do I want to be? Are my fears really all that bad? What mistakes have I recently made that I should not forget?

It also helps with preparation for the day.
What tasks will I work on today? What challenges might I face and how can I overcome them? How can I make sure to use my time well? Plus a few chores to start the day off well, such as preparing healthy snacks.

My Daily Review contains some reflection exercises.
Did I learn any lessons? What am I grateful for and what did I accomplish today? Plus a small chore or two to prepare for tomorrow, such as creating an empty Daily Plan and Review entry for the next day!

Get the template

This is a genericized version of the template I use. It’s ready for you to personalize and make your own. The basic structure and type of questions are very similar to mine.

It’s made in Notion — a flexible content tool. They have a free personal plan which you can sign up for (not a trial, it’s actually free!).

How to use the template

This 6 minute video explains how to use the template. Or read the instructions below.

One-time setup

  1. Login to Notion or signup for a free personal account (not a trial, it’s actually free!)
  2. Open the Daily Plan and Review template.
  3. Tap Duplicate at the top right of the page. It will take a moment to copy to your workspace.
    Between search and the 'Notion' link
  4. Once it has copied, edit the New Day page template by tapping the arrow on the New button in the Daily Entries table, then tapping the 3 horizontal dots next to New Day, then select Edit
    In the Daily Entries table, tap the arrow on the New button, then the 3 horizontal dots next to 'New Day', then select 'Edit'
  5. Customize the template as you see fit! To learn how, check out Notion’s Help & Support

How to use it each day

  1. Return to your Daily Plan and Review page

  2. Tap the New button in the Daily Entries table

    It's on the upper right of the table
  3. Enter @Today as the title of the page. This is a shortcut for adding today’s date. Then tap New Day further down in the entry. It will load your template.

    Enter '@Today' for the title then tap 'New 'Day'
  4. Complete the morning section, and have a great day!

  5. In the evening, come back and complete that section.

Repeating this each day has really increased my speed of personal development improvements.

Screenshot of the Morning and Evening sections of My Dailiy Plan and Review. Including questions like "What am I fearing? Why is it not so bad?" and "What did I achieve today?"

Special note on ‘Lessons to be reminded about’

This is my favorite part of the template. It’s a separate database that I fill with reminders for my future self.

In the evening, I think back to any mistakes I made or lessons I learned. Things I really don’t want to repeat. I add them in the Lessons to be reminded about table in the Evening section.

Then tomorrow when I create a new entry and begin completing the Morning section, I see yesterday’s lessons and can be proactive about improving!

In my Morning section I see a reminder from a previous day after I felt bad skipping exercise: "Don't skip exercise, I'll feel unhealthy the next day."


  • Evolve the template with you. If you find yourself skipping a section, remove it. If you would like to improve yourself in some area, add a section for it.
  • If you’re new to Notion, watch or read some tutorials. By learning what’s possible you’ll be better equipped to customize it for your needs.

Share your feedback

How have you been using the template?

Have you had any difficulties?

Let me know in the comments below 👇.

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